There is no greater legacy one can have than to improve the lot of others


slide10 The Institute of Social Justice and Human Rights (ISJHR) was established in 2016 to inspire an onus on field and project work. The ISJHR is focused in assisting multi-disciplinary practitioners to improve the circumstances and conditions of humanity, to effect positive change.

The philosophy of the ISJHR is that “there is no greater legacy than to improve the lot of others”. Human rights and social justice should be a 24/7 lived experience.

The ISJHR is a not-for-profit and free to all students and human rights and social justice practitioners. Research, policy making, philosophy, law and politics should be informed by lived experiences, from extended experiences in field and project work. The ISJHR as a bastion of identity forming education is focused on relationship building, connections and holistic wellbeing and only through intersecting experiences can the Humanities be truly explored and understood. The ISJHR carries out a broad range of human rights and social justice projects coupled with thematically analytical theory and research strands.

Our days on this earth should not be misspent and where we can contribute to improving society then we should. Education acquired through project work, through lived experiences and culminating in transformational change is priceless. There is nothing more profound than example.