There is no greater legacy one can have than to improve the lot of others

Wheelchairs for Kids

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Wheelchairs for Kids is a registered charity based in Perth, Western Australia. No-one at Wheelchairs for Kids is remunerated. More than 150 retiree volunteers develop, build and assemble rough terrain children’s wheelchairs. The wheelchairs are built in accordance to World Health Organisation guidelines for rough terrain use. They have increased tensile strength, puncture proof tyres and should last with minimal maintenance for the duration of a childhood. To date (February 2016), Wheelchairs for Kids has donated more than 35,000 rough terrain children’s wheelchairs to 71 countries.

It’s all about improving the lot of others. There is no greater legacy.

We are but a raindrop to the unmet need but it all counts. We continue to increase production output.

Wheelchairs for Kids is managed by the Rotary Club of Scarborough, Western Australia and is supported by Rotary Clubs and the Christian Brothers – providing up to 3,500 adjustable size, rough terrain wheelchairs per year, free to children right around the world.

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The registered charity, Wheelchairs for Kids was the brainchild of Rotarian Gordon Hudson and Christian Brothers retired educator Brother Ollie Pickett. Gordon has served as the volunteer CEO of Wheelchairs for Kids since 1998 and Brother Ollie has served as the volunteer workshop manager since 1998. Both were joint finalists in the WA Australian of the Year Awards in 2015. In developing countries where health care and other social services are poor to non-existent, raising a child with a disability presents a significant burden to the whole family. Without a wheelchair a child can be housebound and a burden for a carer; usually the mother.

The endemic poverty is compounded because the carer is also housebound and possibly unable to earn income or help in the fields. In many cases a child intellectually capable of attending mainstream school is denied the opportunity because of the absence of a wheelchair.

The gift of a wheelchair gives twice. It not only presents the child with freedom but also frees the carer to work and contribute to the family’s income. Your contribution to WFK contributes directly to a needy child receiving a wheelchair.

Many people have contributed to the development of our wheelchairs, from the original old bike frame model, to a steel model, then to aluminium and the present Model 9 designed for rough terrain with a stong steel subframe and puncture proof tyres. The wheelchair has recently been re-designed to WHO recommendations. However, its greatest feature being complete adjustability to suit the different sizes and growing needs of children. Adjustable Postural Support Devices are also made freely available to assist the large number of recipients with cerebral palsy. The package also contains a knitted knee rug, a multi layered cushion, a tool kit and a few spares.

Number of rough terrain wheelchairs donated

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Total Number of wheelchairs gifted to children around the world
Since the project began In 1998 and to November 2015, 32,468 wheelchairs have been manufactured at the Perth-based factory and donated to 71 countries.

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