There is no greater legacy one can have than to improve the lot of others

Social Justice Advocacy Project


The Institute of Social Justice and Human Rights is focused on interactive project work as the basis of education, and theoretical frameworks should be sponsored from the lived experience and where possible from intercultural dialogues.

If you would like to complete a Social Justice Advocacy Project from a multi-disciplinary approach while focusing on improving the circumstances and conditions of a community the ISJHR will assist you in the development of the project.

The philosophy of the ISJHR is that “that there is no greater legacy than to improve the lot of others”. This tenet must reflect in the project, not only as a theoretical framework but be evidenced by project delivery with measurable positive outcomes.

The ISJHR is a not-for-profit and free to all students and human rights and social justice practitioners. The ISJHR carries out a broad range of human rights and social justice projects coupled thematically with analytical theory and research strands.

If you have a project idea you wish to develop please contact the ISJHR.